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Introducing byJamin, a New York-based Design Agency

With a combined thirty years of experience in interactive web development and marketing, we specialize in integrated branding and creating powerful user experiences. If it’s digital, we design it. From non-profit to alcohol to fashion to cars, we have the pleasure of working in several industries. A small team with large impact, we pride ourselves on timely communication and transparent processes, and we’re nimble and flexible enough to scale up as the project needs. We are brand champions and warriors, and very passionate about bringing new brands to life and breathing new life into established brands.

  • spimarketing

    SPI Marketing – Sizzle Reel

  • my Healthy FItness Plan

    My Healthy Fitness Plan

  • tet-boost-iron-ads-screen-shot

    Product Label Design for Two Muscle Building and Strength

  • fip

    Fire Island Pines

  • lgbtbot

    LGBTbot Search Engine

  • fcuk1


  • crossfit-img

    CrossFit Dynamix

  • iguana

    Green Iguana Productions

  • sandro

    Sandro Masmanidi

  • logo-details-hebro


  • fuzz

    Chevonne and the Fuzz

  • LogoFeature

    ZZZ Aroma: Brand Development – Logo Design

  • mollie3

    Mollie Thomas for Miss California

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