Top Trends in Content Marketing

Content marketing is solidifying itself as a powerful asset as brands experiment with format and personalization in an attempt to engage the maximum amount of consumers. In 2015, we’ll see brands focus less on video length and more on telling stories that drive emotional resonance with their target audiences. Content will become more participation based, and more interactive.

In a recent article by Twitter’s head of content planning team listed some very important things to consider when creating content for your brand, and we agree!

1. Content will be more participation based and interactive

2. Social stars will shine brighter as brands partner with social media celebrities and people with massive exposure in social networks

3. Brands will celebrate life after thirty as longevity is increasingly more valued by consumers

4. Content will be tied to conversion and no longer resemble throwing pasta at a wall and hoping something hits

5. Data = Everyday insights and analytics are readily available that brands can leverage, learn and grow from.

You can read the entire article by clicking here.


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