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  • my Healthy FItness Plan

    My Healthy Fitness Plan

    My Healthy Fitness Plan is a web-based, all-inclusive, healthy lifestyle and fitness guide, complete with coaching, meal planning and exercise […]

  • sandro

    Sandro Masmanidi

    Sandro Masmanidi, fashion designer, is most inspired by the iconic Versace brand, so the Sandro Masmanidi brand is sexy and […]

  • logo-details-hebro


    Hebro is the premiere nightlife and entertainment group for gay Jews in New York City. Hebro produces and promotes exclusive […]

  • LogoFeature

    ZZZ Aroma: Brand Development – Logo Design

    ZZZ Aroma is a brand in the very early stages of development that represents an entirely new and unique product […]

  • sales-videos-that-convert

    Miracle Garcinia Cambogia

    Garcinia Cambogia, an all-natural health supplement, has caused a health craze, even prompting a feature by famed doctor and expert, […]

  • Credit Compass Logo Design byJamin

    Credit Compass

    Credit Compass is an e-book.  Basically, a great product, just like yours, that needed to be sold online.  The goal […]

  • ultimate-hsopping-featured-image

    Starter Package: byJamin ULTIMATE e-Commerce Solution

  • golden-egypt-logo

    Golden Egypt

    Dr. Mustafa El Ezapy is a unique sculptor and artist with international acclaim.  He needed a website that showcased his […]

  • Playmates Toys Interactive Website Logo

    Playmates Toys

    Playmates Toys is a large supplier of toy action figures and dolls.  We were approached with a static design image […]

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